library-middleThe Four Winds Library (FWL) is a lending library for storytellers owned by Toronto storyteller Norm Perrin, which operates out of 2870 Dundas St. West

It is open to all storytellers, teachers and other professionals as well as the casual reader. Most books are available for borrowing except for certain valuable or delicate volumes. These may be read at the library itself. Donations are requested for use of the library. These donations allow the Four Winds Library to expand its collection.

With 5,000+ books of folktales and reference material, the FWL covers every continent (Except Antarctica!) and most of the world’s countries. The FWL is arranged by country, culture, theme and reference.
Hours: The Four Winds Library is open by appointment.
Please call or email three days in advance.
Phone: 416 763-4146
Email: talewind@web.net


Norman Perrin is currently on a two month tour, The Rolling Story Stone in which he will be conducting story creation workshops in Scotland, Israel, Bangladesh and The Butterfly Peace Garden in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

He has started an Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign The Rolling Story Stone Tour

The Four Winds Library will reopen when he returns Oct 15.

See the blog on this site for updates on The Rolling Story Stone Tour.

Brief History

Why Mix of collectivitis and a desire to have the stories at hand Nearest library 10 miles away. a wish to share the bounty, and yeah, I like to talk. A lot.

When Started 1990 in my apartment at 632 Pape Ave in the east end of Toronto it was 900 volumes then. Since then it has moved twice and grown to 5,000+ volumes. As far as I know it is unique, the only library dedicated to the particular needs of the storyteller and story researcher. Note: Brief list of past use.

Contact The Four Winds Library

Mailing Address

2870 Dundas St. West Apt. 9
Toronto Ont. M6P 1Y8

Phone 416 763-4146

email talewind@web.net